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Default Re: Ideas on how to achieve time travel

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
Great ideas!

It would be cool if Rogue accidentally ended up in a different time and pulled in a fan-favorite character.

I wouldn't mind if the time-traveling mutant weren't the focus. The fact that he/she sparks the entire conflict of the movie is the contribution! Just give that character a moment to shine (which is more than I can say for tons of characters in this franchise) and all is good!

But I also wouldn't mind if that mutant ended up being an antagonist like how in the comics there's Fitzroy, Bishop, Legion, etc. I wouldn't want Fitzroy though haha... he's lame.
Logically, it would be Fitzroy as he was involved with Sentinels and a dystopian future in the excellent animated series story One Man's Worth. But he's not really someone fans are clamouring to see on the big screen.

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