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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
-Changed Starling City back to Star City, but based it on Seattle. I wish the city looked less generic.
-Had Arrow in a mask or goggles. Also Arrow would use his voice changer with everyone, similar to how Green Arrow did on Smallville.
-Better costuming for the villains.
-Better overall treatment of DC villains. I think many needed better introductions as well as exits. While I wish that villains like China White were given better arcs. She should be more than muscle.
-Made the Dig character Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger); that way he can eventually become his own established hero, and he would have that whole Suicide Squad history the show could play with.
-Made Tommy Merlyn more formidable right off the bat, or have by now introduced a dad, uncle, or brother that could fit the bill. Perhaps have that name be one on Oliver's list.
-Iffy on Thea as Speedy, but since they did give her that nickname I think it is a logical guess that she will eventually become his sidekick. I wish they had by now showed that she could handle herself, like they did with Laurel during that club scene.
-Changed the cinematography. It looks too much like the other CW shows.
Generic? Most of the skyline shots are Philadelphia!

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