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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 3k

Originally Posted by Nvmyprixgt View Post
It has the official IMAX logo, idk if that matters.
The digital IMAXes are still IMAX brand. When people talk about "true IMAX" they're talking about 70mm film projection, which is sadly becoming obsolete. AMC made a deal with IMAX a few years back to install digital IMAXes in a lot of their theaters, which don't project the actual 70mm film stock, and are almost universally smaller screens than the true IMAXes.

Here's some more info and screen size comparisons:

It's Amc livonia 20. I know it's on the list of theatres capable of playing the hobbit to full potential.
I just looked that theater up, and it is indeed of the digital, "LieMAX" variety. If it were real, it would say "15/70" under the "Screen Format" category.

Here's a list of where the "real" ones are:

The Hobbit was shot on digital, not 70mm film like TDKR, so I would imagine that all those digital IMAXes would indeed be capable of showing it at it's "full potential." All of this is a long-winded explanation that yeah, you should get your trailers at that digital IMAX theater no problem.


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