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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by HighFivingMF View Post
A quality Justice League movie absolutely could because

Dark Knight Rises didn't make a huge amount less than Avengers. And that was without 3D and with a gigantic tragedy attached to it. I really don't think it's box office drawing power would be an issue. As long as it's well-received.

And who says they aren't putting in time or effort? The movie, if the 2015 date is still on, would come out 4 years after the screenwriter, who is a fan, was hired. Joss Whedon was hired to rewrite the Avengers script from page one less than 2 years before Avengers' release date and he was still writing during shooting. They hired a fresh face who has gotten praise for the work he has done and loves the characters to write it, like Nolan at the time. Besides finding the right director to bring it all together, it's pretty much in Will Beall's hands.
I meant in the sense where MS took liberties in allowing audiences to get familiar with most of the heroes before pitting them together onto the big screen.

With the approach of just going into a big team up film, then there's no way of knowing on how each hero will be received by the audience, let alone the actor/actress that's playing them.

Plus, pitting a JLA film in the same year against the Avengers 2 isn't what I'd call a smart move in any standpoint.

Not to mention, having a shared universe also means that Henry's Superman will no longer be able to have some of his biggest villains from the comics appear in his solo films as his main adversaries as they'll be saved for the JLA films.

And with a JLA film, you need a Batman as well, and we just had a batman not too long ago, regardless of the fact that it was the closing chapter to one franchise. People complain that it was too soon to have a new spider-man within a 5 year time difference, imagine when we get a new batman after a 3 year difference, let alone after one that was received very well by fans and audiences alike.

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