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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
I'm not entirely sure if Bruce leaves Blake ALL of his Batman stuff. He only had two batsuits - one was destroyed by Bane in the sewer and the other has a stab hole in it thanks to Talia.

I like to think that Bruce leaves Blake the detective tech which is all in the cave, but not the actual Batman weaponry. Blake does not question his morals as Bruce does (cell phone sonar, anyone?), and if he keeps an eye on things from afar without showing up in a cape and cowl and publicly kicking asses, nobody would be none the wiser.

Throughout the movie Bruce advises him to wear a mask when confronting his enemies. I doubt he would have given him this advice then witheld the equipment that would allow him to battle them

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