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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
That's certainly interesting, and they may very well be connected/the same character. He may very well be used down the road as a big villain.

My reservations on using him in Thor 2 have to do with he's not really a Thor villain from what I can see. And there are so many Thor villains out there to use (as we've been debating about which one to use for weeks now, lol) and so many that people seem to really really want to see (like Surtur), so I dont think it makes sense for them to use this guy here. Also, it's supposed to be about Thor's world and the 9 realms and taking a villain and an army that doesnt really have much if anything to do with Thor's world would definitely take away from that.
Thor (and Odin) have crossed paths with Chthon before, as have the Avengers on several occasions (Wanda, in particular, has a long history with him).

Anyway, the MCU isn't particularly slavish about staying inside the "gene pool" of any given rogues' gallery....Thanos isn't particularly known as an Avengers foe (instead, he usually fights a weird and vast array of cosmic forces from all across the universe, some of them famous superheroes and some of them virtually unknown outside Thanos storylines); HYDRA certainly wasn't Cap's foe in WWII (they didn't even exist yet in the comics); pretty solid rumors put Chen Lu, aka Radioactive Man, in IM3, and he's known far more as a Thor/Avenger villain; an Iron Man movie was certainly an odd place to see Black Widow debut; Dr. Strange is rumored to be in the Thor movie, "strangely" enough; and so on.

Plus, Feige has talked about the need to consolidate characters, both hero and villain, in movies, since they're severely limited in how many they can release each year; so they're kind of taking a kitchen-sink approach where you'll see characters pop up in unlikely places. Chthon could be one such example of many.


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