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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
It was just kind of silly. Batman says: "A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know the world hadn’t ended."

First off, it spells the major theme of the movie right out for everyone.

Second, Gordon was a cop in Gotham City. I'm willing to bet he's probably put his coat around a lot of young boy's shoulders to let them know the world hadn't ended. The fact that he's able to instantly recall doing so to Bruce Wayne seemed forced to me. Now, you might say that Batman reveals his identity in a similar way to Rachel towards the end of Begins, but consider the difference. In Begins, he utters a specific phrase that Rachel had told him before at most a few weeks (if not days) prior. In TDKR, he recalls a moment that occurred thirty years ago, vaguely, I might add.

Third, in the moment when seconds are counting down till the bomb blows off, Batman chooses to become the Riddler (as Kevin Smith very funnily pointed out) and leave his only real friend standing in confusion trying to figure out what he just told him. Eh.

Now, I'll say these, none of these things completely ruin the moment for me. It's still very powerful and emotional scene. But it's the most superficial kind of emotional scene. There's no subtlety involved. It's a moment in which the story is quite clearly dictated by the fact that it's a story meant for an audience, if that makes sense. Rather than having a natural build up to the reveal it's thrown in there at the last second simply because, well, it's gotta happen sometime and Bats and Gordon aren't gonna get a chance to speak to each other again.

Thus. Ham-handed.
Quoted for truth.

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
I'm still pretty torn with Bruce Wayne's ending. On one hand, I'm happy that he managed to get out of it all and start living a normal life and have a shot at happiness with someone but I'm still not fond that Gotham still needs a masked hero (kinda defeats TDK's theme IMO) and the mantle was passed to someone like Blake who I couldn't care less about. But whatever. I'm so over it. *shrug*
Yup same here. Didn't give a damn about Robin Blake.

Originally Posted by MAKAVELI25 View Post
Exactly, I have a couple of problems with him leaving the mantle to Blake in particular:

1: Bruce Wayne, as Batman, amassed a very deadly arsenal. Throughout the movie he has about 4/5 scenes with Blake. Not only is Blake untrained (which of course he has time to train), but Bruce knew him for maybe a week before the five month siege began. I understand that he saw some promise in Blake, but I'm a little surprised that someone as cautious as Bruce would leave such weaponry/technology to someone he didn't even know that well

2. I thought the Dark Knight did an excellent job of showing that in a world where Batman exists, a Joker like character is inevitable. Blake does not have the training to contend with such a villain, and even if he does train in the following years he will have to learn the same lesson that Bruce did. I would've much rather Bruce's Batman made Gotham a place that would never need a masked hero again that one where there needs to be a Batman legacy passed down. The themes of escalation shown in TDK seem to be ignored by Bruce, did he not learn his lesson?

3. Having experienced all the grief he experienced because of Batman, I'm also somewhat surprised that he would allow somebody else to maybe go through the same thing. Bruce lost Rachel, Harvey, and saw lotsof people die because of him and the mantle he had undertaken. Why would he not warn Blake about this or even consider passing down the mantle knowing all the tragedies that had befallen himself AND Gotham because of the Batman persona?
Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I'm not sure Wayne's dad would be like, "son, I'm glad you helped create these villains that helped destroy Gotham. So happy to see you abandon Gotham right after one of them basically leveled the city. Enjoy the margaritas on the beach with deserve it after having such a hard year as Batman".

The awesome posts are plenty in this thread today. Good to see.

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