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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

I'd like to think Gotham is at a better place now. At least the peoples spirits are lifted and they'll need to come together to rebuild the place. The rich might wake up a bit (at least a portion of them) after being put out on the streets. Maybe seeing Bruce Wayne, the airhead billionaire, leave behind his Manor to new generations of young children who need a place to learn, etc. Knowing that Batman lead the police in fighting for the soul of the city...even after he was spat on during his reign and especially taking the blame for 8 years. Which they now know wasn't true. After all that he still came back and saved the lives of the rich and the poor. I would hope that this brings people closer together.

Of course the city (and legal system) is really vulnerable as well. It doesnt have to be a Gothamite, it could be somebody from the outside who sees this "vulnerability" as an oppurtunity. Or a "Joker" who takes advantage of the situation. Blake is there incase. Or if a bunch of organized crime hits again? Blake is there incase. It could take several years before these things happen but he'll have time to train, use his detective skills and help the orphans. Also it may never get to that point.

I really do think the 8 year break helped Batman be looked at as a legend but in a bad light. Then when it was revealed that he never murdered anyone + he took his own life by getting rid of a nuclear bomb?? If this happened for real we would be like "wow he took the blame so we can have peace for a decade. It was wrong to lie, but he suffered for it. Then he returned and saved us despite all the blame. We're going to create a statue in memory of him. He changed things...forever." It would be pretty powerful i think.

You guys ask where the bat-pod is? I have this vision of Blake patrolling the streets of the Narrows on it, in a new suit with a part of Catwomans goggles (without the ears lol). With those blue lights shining from the eyes, but stronger. As he looks on in each direction. He hits a button near his temple to shut it off, keeping them on at all times. No flip-ups. Old leftover gadgets of Batmans are left to him in the batcave. With new adjustments made to the suit by Lucius + new weapons.

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