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Default Re: Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

Originally Posted by Macrotus View Post
Another beautiful scene is in BB, when Batman is climbing up a ladder and a kid tells him: "The other kids won't believe me." I kind of wished that John Blake would've turned out to be that kid. That was my first impression watching TDKR, because my mind was so set on that.
Same here. Would've made the Blake/Wayne bond more meaningful, IMO.
I think I would have accepted Blake as the new Batman more if he was that kid.

Originally Posted by Fudgie
Nice choices.
Thank you. Crap. Now that I think about the series more, I have more and more great scenes to add to my list.. Oh well, just consider these "honorable mentions" I guess..

BB: Thomas Wayne pulling Bruce out of the well. The scene pulled off two things very well: Showing the love between Bruce and his father, and Alfred's love for Bruce. Alfred seemed jealous of Thomas a little bit as he watched him carry Bruce away to his mother. And then of course, there is that great image of Thomas pulling young Bruce's arm out of the well.

BB: Montage of Bruce's training. The cinematography and epic score by Hans and James Newton Howard makes this scene incredible. I love that shot of Bruce balancing himself on the pillars, then falling down and catching himself at the last second.

TDKR: The Bat-Pod chase. I love that thing. I hope the reboot has a similar motorcycle for Batman to ride.

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