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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - Part 9

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
No, but she is from a society with a VERY antiquated code of conduct. And she's spent her entire life learning only the Amazon women's version of that realm of human behavior. There's A LOT about our world she will no doubt find a little difficult to wrap her head around - from the justice system to American politics to the contemporary social constructs between men and women to race relations to entertainment to consumer culture to modern parenting to technological dependence to...well, you get the idea. She can adapt and survive in our world on her own, sure. But it seems like Trevor's role would be to change her outlook towards it and help her to actually appreciate it for what it is, rather than judge it based on her literally ancient point-of-view.
Some of those aren't the "Ways of Man(kind)". Some of those are the same differences someone going between the courts of US and Canada. Or someone moving from New York to Mississippi. Sure ask questions but you aren't a child either.

Learning new cultural differences wouldn't really help Trevor's cause as a character cause he's only an American(which has its own complexities. Blonde haired, white guy explains women's/minorities. Okay.). WW needs to go beyond American shores. He'd be just as ignorant as her.

As to contemporary constructs between men and women or race relations, not really. It's the same reason we still read Shakespeare today. I don't need a course on the Moors in Europe to understand the basic tensions of Othello.

Sure, WW should have to learn stuff. But she should be able to understand the basics human interactions just because she's human too, and actually listen to what other characters are saying to figure things out.

I'm not saying she's perfect, but making Steve the go-to binary for everyone else's opinion makes WW's world small. She should have all kinds of supporting characters so she actually understands the complexities and not making Steve the mouthpiece/Mary Sue for whatever she needs to know.

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