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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - Part 9

Originally Posted by J'adore View Post
Well, I disagree. It basically just made her look like some dumb naive amazon woman who is taken pity upon by Steve Trevor - who then 'teaches her the ways of mankind'. Uh...Sure. As much as I admire some of Joss' work, that idea sounds crappy.
I would understand that take on it if she didn't turn right back around and teach mankind to be better, and iirc, Steve doesn't teach her the ways of mankind, he just teaches her what it's like to be weak and powerless, something that she wouldn't have experienced no matter how smart or savvy she was as the princess of paradise island. So, maybe you're thinking about a different idea other than Joss'?

Originally Posted by Jordacar View Post
I was thinking Patty Jenkins. I figure since WW has a lot more in common with Thor than any of Marvel's most prominent ladies, they could do a lot worse than the director of Monster who was Marvel's second choice to direct Thor 2.
Good one! I'd like her too...

So my list right now is:
1. All the un-gettable people like Spielberg and Cameron
2. Brad Bird
3. Patty Jenkins
4. Alfonso Cuaron

Originally Posted by TheComicbookKid View Post
Some of those aren't the "Ways of Man(kind)". Some of those are the same differences someone going between the courts of US and Canada. Or someone moving from New York to Mississippi. Sure ask questions but you aren't a child either.

Learning new cultural differences wouldn't really help Trevor's cause as a character cause he's only an American(which has its own complexities. Blonde haired, white guy explains women's/minorities. Okay.). WW needs to go beyond American shores. He'd be just as ignorant as her.

As to contemporary constructs between men and women or race relations, not really. It's the same reason we still read Shakespeare today. I don't need a course on the Moors in Europe to understand the basic tensions of Othello.

Sure, WW should have to learn stuff. But she should be able to understand the basics human interactions just because she's human too, and actually listen to what other characters are saying to figure things out.

I'm not saying she's perfect, but making Steve the go-to binary for everyone else's opinion makes WW's world small. She should have all kinds of supporting characters so she actually understands the complexities and not making Steve the mouthpiece/Mary Sue for whatever she needs to know.
Understanding it isn't the problem. She's from Paradise, that's her natural perception. She would understand Othello, but she's not going to think of Iago as sympathetic, and the world is full of Iagos. All Steve is teaching is the basic principle: Weak people do dumb/evil things, but don't judge them too harshly.

It's not my favorite take on her origin character arc, but it seems valid to me and it works. It might work better than the 'men aren't all bad' arc from the '09 cartoon movie, which, iirc, involved a bit of naivete on her part as well.

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