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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Originally Posted by Spiderdevil View Post
It will be awesome if they use that in the movie

Norman deduces Spidey's identity by tracing the biocable Peter keeps buying
There ya go, you finally got my point, haha.

I think it would be nice to do this as it would be very "outside the box" and it would be....dun, dun, dun...logical thinking in a CBM, lol.

Originally Posted by Spiderdevil View Post
Others ran away,scared of the Lizard.We saw that happening
There could be many others that were knocked out such as Dr. Ratha.

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Not everything needs to be shown and explained for you in a film. That would ruin the flow and fun. Oscorp suing Spidey for stealing the bio cable? They probably won't even know that it's their product he's using. Their product was shown to be used as a cable to pull heavy things etc. I don't think they'd come to the conclusion that it's their product Spidey is chosing to swing with.

Though it WOULD have been much better if he created the web formula on his own instead, but this whole legal stuff is reaching for it if you ask me.
The "legal stuff" would be something new we haven't seen and actually show that people are having a watchful eye over their company such as Coleman Reese in TDK, but the idea would be only expanded on and actually be better than how TDK did it(yes, yes, I said an idea of TDK could be better).

Then we have the bridge scene people are complaining about. I can see what you mean, but there's no way it would be fun to watch Spidey go through every car just because "that would make most sense". If he'd done that, the same people would complain that it was unnecessary and so on. Not every single thing needs (and should) be shown on camera. Sometimes a film requires the viewer to imaginate some on his/her own.
If you can see what I mean, then that's that. If there's a hint of what could have been, then it's open for discussion on what could have been, imo.

It's like in The Dark Knight Rises. I've heard complaints where people say "How the heck did Bruce get back to Gotham??". And that is a much bigger thing than any of you guys are complaining about in ASM imo. Yet I don't care to bother that much about it, because I just have to assume that he got there somehow, I have to use my imagination a bit. I don't need to see how he got there, all I need to know is that somehow he did. Sure, some things are done sloppy in films that should be more clear etc. but things like these are reaching for it, for the sake of it.
But still, even when I say "Bruce Wayne had two months to return, so it's possible for him to get to Gotham any which way he could possibly find", I am still open in talking about how some view it silly that we never see how Bruce exactly got back to Gotham.

Originally Posted by AF3619 View Post not like before someone tried to arrest him because they thought he did was the one doing the crime but shot first before any explanation ......
Except for that moment, Spidey wasn't helping anyone escape their vehicles. As I said, it would be careless to shoot Spidey while he's helping others escape. In that scene you're talking about, did Spidey have a child beside him? Lol.

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