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Default Re: Tahmoh Penikett as...?

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
Tahmoh Penikett confirms himself via twitter that he's in the MOS. Some are speculating he's Metallo. Real secret hush hush stuff. Thoughts? I had no clue about this rumor in the first place but apparently it's been around for a while.

*Also On IMBD (take that as you will) his character is named Henry Akerdson. And another site brought it up that John Corban uses that alias (minus the "d") when he assumes to be reporter at the daily planet in the Justice League Doom movie.

It was "Akerdson" (see the video clip at :52 and 2:00). I could be a nod, but I want to think its a great clue in to who will be the other villain in this film or the next.

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