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Default Re: The X-men UNIFORM evolution on the sequel

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
the X3 posters/wallpapers of the main actors were cool, I think.

But the "only face" promos were really simple, with that black background.

The First Class promo images had a good concept, but the result looked cheap, in my opinion.
To me, I didn't like the character posters of X3 because they have different color schemes, like Angel's poster has color green, Beast's poster was reddish, then the set, the font. Collectively they just didn't look strong compare to the character posters of the other huge summer movies like for example, the Harry Potter movies.

The First Class character posters just looked really cheap and I'm not talking about the white posters of Professor X/Magneto, I'm talking about the character posters for Mystique, Azazel, Havok and the other characters. Like X3's character posters, the posters had different colors and I couldn't understand why they had to change the color of the background and then the lighting of the pictures were just bad. There was like no effort.

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