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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
I said this in the plot thread ..... but I highly doubt we're getting time travel. It's such a convoluted element to bring into the fold. I think people's imaginations are starting to get the best of them.
Yeah, I doubt it too, but I think people are just having fun with speculating "What if's".

Once again this is speculating, and it most likely has no relationship to the movie, Time Travel could be a good explanation as to why Jane Foster is as at Greenwich University. Perhaps she discovered that Space Travel and Time Travel are interconnected and that the source of all of this is at the prime merridian, so in hopes of finding information that will lead her to Thor she goes to the Univesity where she would have access to it's library as well as the ability to take readings using her device of the area. I just thought it would possibly help explain why Jane would be at that specific location.

Anyways, just more thoughs, once again of which most likely have no relevance.


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