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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
It is. It's up to Gotham more than it's up to Blake. Blake will emerge as Gotham's new protector the second he's absolutely needed and not a second sooner. Or perhaps the day when Gotham will no longer need Batman has arrived at last, this time without the sham of the Harvey Dent Act.

It's really up to the audience's imagination. There's no way Nolan could have honestly gotten people to believe Gotham will be crime free for the rest of its existence and will have no violent enemies after such a turbulent past. I know some people think having the ordinary citizens fighting along with the police would have shown that Gotham was ready to stand up for itself...but that doesn't really hold up to scrutiny. It was a time of war where Gotham was separated from all concepts of law and order. Once peace in Gotham is restored people can't just go around being vigilantes and beating up the bad guys. And if the next "Joker" was to show up in Gotham, it's not a job for the ordinary citizens.

Blake is Bruce's ace in the hole.
But, atleast IMO, Batman existing in the first place is what allows a supervillain like the Joker to arise. Presumably since Bruce was retired there were no such supervillains, I think this shows that he was pretty much the cause of the chaos that ensued after Batman Begins. Remember that the mob was on its last legs when they allowed the Joker to take over the city, without this desperation they could've banded together and killed him easily. Some of you might argue this point, but remember that the Joker wasn't a priority to the mob, the only one really looking for him was Gamble, even Maroni says something to the effect of the Joker not being important (mob meeting). Had they worked together to catch him they would've found him easily. Without a Batman supervillains like the Joker cannot arise because the criminal elements will dispose of them before they can become too big of a problem. Having national guards patrolling your city is bad for business

. I'd like to think that Gotham, like pretty much any other city in the world, could survivie without a masked crimefighter IF the people rose up as one in order to combat crime.

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