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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Hill: Sir, evacuation may be futile.
Fury: We should tell them to go back to sleep?
Hill: If we can't control the tesseract's energy, there may not be a minimum safe distance.
Fury: I need you to ensure that the Phase Two prototypes are shipped out.
Hill: Sir, is that really a priority right now?
Fury: Until such time as the world ends, we will act as if it is going to spin on.

The above scene said, to me, that Hill wanted to stop the evacuation because of her fear/assumption that the tesseract's "behavior," as Selvig put it, could not be stopped. She did not, however, offer any alternative to the plan Coulson had already implemented, which entailed evacuating all non-essential personnel as quickly as possible while having Selvig's team continue to try and contain the cube's energy. Hill also was not helping to move forward with clearing out the base until Fury ordered her to. Fury made it clear that he was going forward with the plan that offered some hope of survival for his personnel as well as the possibility for staving off total disaster. In other words, Fury had a plan, Hill offered nothing in response except objections that it might not work.

Perhaps your bias in favor of Hill caused you to conveniently gloss over the part where she suggested that the evacuation was futile. The base wasn't actively imploding at that moment, but implosion was imminent and occurred only a few minutes later (it was eight minutes in the film). Had Fury heeded Hill's objections, more people might have lost their lives when the base did go under.

As for Stark, we weren't discussing him here. Sure, he did some stupid stuff, some of which I thought highly irresponsible. There is every possibility that his actions were influenced by Loki via the spear at times, however. Hill didn't have that potential out for much of the film.
I didn't gloss over it. It took it for what it was: military protocol, which doesn't include a sort of faith-based decision making Fury does. Since Fury agreed with her point (he prioritized the Tesseract enough to handle it personally and sent her to a less important job), and would have been better off if he had heeded her actual objection to Phase II, I can't objectively view her as dumb or ineffective.

I guess it's not unreasonable to view her very valid point that it might not work as an 'objection,' but to go beyond that to "she only wanted to undermine her boss" doesn't seem reasonable to me.

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