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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
But again, you're arguing major differences, and somehow saying that their motives are exactly the same, when they aren't. Ra's didn't steal the microwave emitter to spite Bruce. Ra's was already full steam ahead on destroying Gotham, with or without Bruce. The only thing that Ra's did to seek revenge on Bruce, was burn down the manor. Other than that, it was still the same plan from the beginning.
I never said they did that to spite Bruce, but they were still trying to use him for his status. Would Ra's have handpicked Bruce if he didn't already know his current plan to destroy Gotham involved a device made by his company? Somehow I doubt it.

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
See the thing is, you keep acting like Bruce is the only person in the word who has a nuke. Talia waited specifically for Bruce to agree to use his energy project, so they could use that against him specifically. If they wanted a nuke to blow up Gotham, they could have got one 8 years before Bruce was finally stranglehold into agreeing into the energy project with Tate/Talia.
Obtaining a nuke and then smuggling into the US/Gotham without alarming anyone...easier said than done man. If that was so easy, Al Qaeda would have done the same thing by now, don't you think? The jig is up for them the moment the US government is even the least bit on their trails. It's not hard to see why cloaking a nuke as a clean energy project would be a pretty efficient means of getting a nuke on Gotham soil without anyone being any the wiser. And yes, Wayne Enterprises is the only corporation in Gotham of its kind that would invest in such a project (that we're ever shown in the course of 3 movies, anyhow).

It's a perfect storm of extremist terrorism and personal revenge. If you see it more as revenge wagging the tail of justice, that's fine, but it's justice in their eyes either way. As I've said...would Ra's really have left Gotham alone if he had survived that train crash? No way, he'd have come back with a vengeance, still fully believing in his cause every bit as he did before. He wouldn't admit defeat just because technically the streets were cleaner. Not the Ra's al Ghul I know. He'd still monologue about the decadence of Gotham and how the Dent Act doesn't ultimately save it from itself. Would he have led a month-long revolution before destroying it? Harder to say. But he did attack Gotham economically in the past in attempt to get it to destroy itself through desperation.

I still say they are sending a message to the world with the siege. The minute Bane says any interference from the outside world means Gotham gets nuked, he's putting it on a global stage. They want the world to watch Gotham destroy itself just like they want Bruce to watch it.

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