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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
And with the case of Dr. Ratha...they could be knocked out and not scream for help, lol. I just see the scene as the way I view that crane scene in Spider-Man 3. Spidey should have done more than what we see in the scene, and he didn't.
There's no proof that the other cars were occupied. You can assume that they were just as much as I can say that they weren't. It clearly showed people getting out of their cars and running down the bridge away from the Lizard. No one was screaming for help other than the man with his kid trapped. With the police now on scene there's no reason for Spidey to stick around. The scene did a good job of getting the point across about Peter learning he needs to use his powers to help people, just as Ben told him.

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
It seems to me that some people are just looking for reasons to hate on the film. First, Peter is "dumb" because they think he bought the web fluid directly from Oscorp...and now since the film doesnt explicitly show the cars to be empty, people are automatically thinking theyre full of senior citizens and children, whom spidey irresponsibly leaves to hang for their lives. Has ANYONE thought of this: if Webb intended for there to be more people that needed Spideys immediate help, that he would have shown Spidey saving them? If there were more innocent people who needed immediate aid, and Spidey didn't help them, that would totally undermine the entire point of the scene, which is Peter realizing that e needs to use his powers to help people instead of getting revenge.

And not grabbing Ratha doesn't really count (he already saved him by webbing the car) because he's a villan and we're either supposed to assume that he died in the fall, or that his fate is intentionally not shown. But based on the deleted footage we know at one point he was meant to have lived, which means that Spidey left knowing the police were able to retrieve Ratha.

All that being said, one could always argue that any other people being saved happened off camera, and that the kid was just the focus. *shrugs*
Totally agree.

Originally Posted by Juicy J View Post
The little boy was the focus of that scene. They showed him being saved, and then cut to him swinging away. The obvious implication was that the people in the other cars (if there were any) got saved through other means.
He didn't let them dangle and fall into the river because the film did not address his webbing dissolving after an hour. As a matter of fact I'd argue that the whole '1 hour' time limit from the comics was not carried over into this movie for a good bit of reasons.
I also don't know how we're saying he was 'stronger' in the Raimi film when we have next to nothing to compare that to.
Just because he didn't perform feats of strength like he did in the previous trilogy doesn't mean the character isn't capable of it, just that there was no need to demonstrate the ability to do so in this film. They are definitely focusing more on his agility and speed, but there's not a conscious attempt on their part to downplay the character's tremendous strength.
It's difficult to compare the whole 'strength' thing between the two versions because of only the one film from Webb. I don't think they're downplaying it either as you say but they've definitely shown how fast he can be. After this one movie, Webb's Spidey appears to be much faster than Raimi's but he's got a lot to do to show that he can be stronger than Raimi's...stopping a brakeless train...yeah, that's gonna be difficult.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
There's no way of assuming the police would immediately start shooting if Spidey is getting civilians out of vehicles that are hanging off the bridge. Would be kinda careless to shoot at someone trying to help people get out.
Unless of course they assume that Spidey is the one that threw the cars off the bridge and is now attacking the people inside and not trying to save them. Spider-man has a bad reputation with the police so it's easy to say they'd think he was doing something to cause harm. Police are human and bound to make mistakes. Just like that cop that opened fire on Spidey and could have hit the car thief or the one that shot Spidey in the leg after Stacy told them to not shoot. There's a lot of commotion and confusion on the bridge so I could see some people on the bridge yelling to the police that Spider-man was trying to hurt someone and they would open fire.

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