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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Arach Knight View Post
One of my chief complaints about The Dark Knight Rises is that Blake figures out Bruce's identity based on Bruce's fake smile. Crappy writing aside, the entire dialog belies the fact that Batman appeared shortly after Bruce's return. Few Gothamites could fund Batman's tech, which also draws attention to Wayne. Then you have the fact that when Bruce quits being Batman, he also became a recluse as Bruce Wayne. There were so manu red flags to Bruce's possible connection. Arrow took the very intelligent route when handling the matter, not only by having Ollie carry out such a plan but also by not ignoring the reality of such coincidences.
I don't agree. I think for the purpose of good TV the reveal could have waited because if the question had been asked then he had been arrested it would have made for exciting TV. Instead, what should have been a great episode seemed to be reduced to a throw away...IMO.

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