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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Unless of course they assume that Spidey is the one that threw the cars off the bridge and is now attacking the people inside and not trying to save them. Spider-man has a bad reputation with the police so it's easy to say they'd think he was doing something to cause harm. Police are human and bound to make mistakes. Just like that cop that opened fire on Spidey and could have hit the car thief or the one that shot Spidey in the leg after Stacy told them to not shoot. There's a lot of commotion and confusion on the bridge so I could see some people on the bridge yelling to the police that Spider-man was trying to hurt someone and they would open fire.
exactly well the first part most
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Except for that moment, Spidey wasn't helping anyone escape their vehicles. As I said, it would be careless to shoot Spidey while he's helping others escape. In that scene you're talking about, did Spidey have a child beside him? Lol.
Spidey just brought Jack to his dad when the police arrived, and he just saved him but the police would´ve thought spiderman did it because lizard left the scene

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