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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by MAKAVELI25 View Post
To be fair I should have specified though. My bad
No problem. If you're talking worldwide then I agree a 5 month siege of a city would have bigger ramifications than Joker's terror campaign.

Originally Posted by Grommers View Post
Overall, I feel Bane made a bigger impact than the Joker did on Gotham. Joker however made a bigger impact on Bruce, as Bane never really..."broke" the bat, but just the body, for a while.

Where as the Joker realllllly broke the Bat, what he set in motion, never really got fixed till 8 years later. And although Gotham was fixed, Bruce was so far gone, that suicide became an option.
Nicely put. This is exactly why I think The Joker is the greatest villain of the trilogy. Even with Gotham being "fixed" thanks to a lie, I think eventually that truth would have come out. It was eating away at Gordon and he came within an inch of spilling the beans at the Harvey Dent Day speech.

Of course Joker's effect on Bruce's life was devastating.

To compare the two would be apples to oranges, I don't feel Joker was really ever interested in Gotham, but merely trying to ensure the world was just chaos, that you could reason chaos. That there was justification to chaos, that there really wasn't any other way to view things.
I don't agree. I think the Joker was very interested in Gotham. He was in this for what he called a battle for Gotham's soul. He also wanted to bring Gotham a better class of criminal. Even declaring to the Chechen that "This is my city".

I think it was quite obvious Joker had big designs on Gotham and it's people.

out of sheer preference I prefer the Joker...he really takes someone and makes them see things..differently, with reason. Chaotic reasoning, but it's well-reasoned, and yet bruce/batman does his best to counter that, and doesn't get swayed on his view point or lose sight of whats right or wrong, even at the worst of times. I think thats what I most enjoyed about the Joker, he has a way of swaying people, of manipulating or inspiring(whatever way you want to look at it.) them but in an evil way. Much like Batman tries too, but in a positive good way.
Very well put. That's why for me he was such a fascinating villain. Beyond his theatrical persona, and terrifying antics, his goal and agendas with trying to push people over the line made for nightmarish viewing. He delighted in seeing people crack. To show "Their morals...their code is a bad joke".

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