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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

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I can see you put a lot of work into this and it's interesting the way your mind works, because you can almost see all of these very large and complicated ideas going off in your head like a light bulb, and then to see you trying to work out how that would effect other things within the Marvel Universe and then to try to have it tie all together is amazing. I won't even begin to try anything of this magnitude, and my hats off to you for even attempting something of such a grand scale.

Thanks Surfer that really encourages me to keep looking for new ways to try to tie things together. I think a lot of things in movies can be predicted when you start looking at the possible themes, patterns, hidden foreshadowing, the sources/story-lines they're drawing from and the like. So I agree with a lot of people's speculation here about the way a lot of this movie will go. What has me fascinated is the possession of Jane angle, how that all ties together. Is it Malekith doing it? Or is it actually Hela or someone else and that ties into her research and why Malekith is told to retrieve her? This movie's the most interesting to me in Phase 2 because even in other scenarios I've thought of I can't really predict what will happen. I enjoy reading everyone's speculation here because I think this movie will really help us determine how the rest of phase 2 will play out. Because of the new info like the spaceship crashing, which could still be anyone's, and all the other things going on.

Some of the other info about the guy who insisted the prime miridian be called the "time-line" + people referring to the merging of realms/universes has me interested. Although I do also think it could be Malekith trying to merge Midgard with Surtur's realm or another world. Still, the recent mention of a line that divides the world based on time has me very excited about where this could all lead. If anything I think they a have a real chance to explain a little bit more about magic in this movie, since Malekith will most likely be using more magic than Loki has so far. Loki mostly only created shadow copies of himself so far. If they choose to use Beta Ray Bill in some way I think there's a way to work him into Thor 3, after the merging of realities in this movie when another darker version of Thor comes into it. Why is the "stunt double's" suit different all of the sudden? Darker. Why is he a little bigger than Thor? Why does he seem so close to Malekith? Is movie magic gonna eventually turn him into something else? Does it turn out Thor actually can be in two places at once... after he makes one moral sacrifice and is prepared to make another.

However, everything in the universe may be connected on a subatomic level... it's not completely proven but the "God particle" goes a long way in showing that many things are all connected deep down, and every atom may be connected to each other in some way. Eastern spiritualism (and parts of many other cultures' ancient beliefs) were kind of right and everything is part of one and the same universe/multi-verse. Dr. Strange understands this in a way that the Mandarin does not. The Mandarin has to cheat by bringing too much outside science into it to perform his sorcery. Some eastern mystic and cultural beliefs teach that we're all one, even though we appear separate. Everything in the universe is connected to each other when you reach a certain wave that permeates all matter in subatomic space. In Norse mythology some of this idea is represented by Yggdrasil. It's "all one and the same", magic and science, everything connected by the invisible branches, bringing in either ideas about string theory or miniature black holes. At this point science understands things may all be connected within matter. Tony's nano-technology only furthers these miniaturization connecting to expansion themes on the scientific side, creating nano-technology that controls the suit, and more forms of AI. Now that the "god particle" has been discovered I think they may actually refer to quantum mechanics even more when Ant Man comes into it. The Pyms, Stark, Selvig(a huge help because of exposure to the cube... meaning that according to string theory he has an eternal bond to it...), Foster, and Shield start figuring a lot of things out when they get together. There would be dimensions higher than Asgard, and even "one above all".

Some of this stuff is working under the assumption that there's truth to the spoilers that recently came from the dude on twitter, and that Janet/Wasp is secretly in Iron Man 3 working for AIM (really just an extension of Hydra). Plus a little bit of truth to some of the GoTG rumors. GoTG has to be tied to the other characters in some way, it just makes it easier so that Warlock can show up in the final battle against Thanos. I'd place a reference to the Sorcerer Supreme in this movie, but not have Strange actually feature... For all we know Odin is referring to the current Sorcerer Supreme, the man who will train Stephen Strange as his replacement.

I really think there was some foreshadowing in Avengers that's not so obvious, similar to the "like the Pharaohs of old" line that could be leading to dealings with time. Malekith can open the doors even more for our sorcerer characters like Strange and Warlock. It's no surprise there were rumors about Strange's involvement but too many things are going on to include him in this movie. A reference to the Sorcerer Supreme might go a long way towards eventually establishing Strange and Warlock. Exploring how Malekith/Loki use magic in this movie might help make incorporating them easier, when they eventually come to the big-screen. Captain America was absolutely correct when he said Loki was the one who was "out of time" in my view "The Other" seems to have the ability to travel between dimensions and meets Loki wherever he does in Avengers. In his mind? Did they physically meet on some plane of reality on the micro scale and not the macro? Is Avengers 2 an attack from time that includes all their personal foes? Is Red Skull still in the 40's...?

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