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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
I don't think it is. The Bane / Batman fight was longer in the set shoot, with Bane throwing policemen around and Batman knocking down thugs until they reached each other. In the film, Batman just shows up, maybe knocks one guy out of the way, and they get down to business.

Then there were other pieces that never showed up, like the Bat following Catwoman on the Batpod down a curved bridge and into a tunnel, and stuff like that. There was a shot of Foley getting hit by the tumbler, whereas in the film there's just an awkward cut to his suddenly dead body. There was a shoot of Catwoman driving up and down the city hall steps, whereas in the film neither shot is shown.
Foley wasn't just suddenly dead. He shot and killed Barsad when Talia entered the Tumbler and told the driver to shoot them all, and it included Foley. He wasn't just suddenly dead as we had a piece of dialogue to tell us how exactly Foley is dead.

And for Catwoman driving up the steps to City Hall, I am actually fine with that being taken out because it only adds the suspense of Catwoman appearing and killing Bane who was about to kill Batman.

The expanded chase of The Bat and the Bat-pod chasing Talia though? I feel that it was needed and probably would've gave the final chase the 'excitement' some fans wanted.

But, alas, the IMAX time limit is the biggest thing to take the blame. Without that, I feel we would've had at least fifteen extra minutes with the film(probably at least giving it a solid 3 hours) since we haven't really heard or seen anything else regarding other scenes than what we've read or seen the past few months.

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