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Default Re: Rise of the Guardians

That would actually be a brand new thing if it made that much, as said, I was initially worried because I need this film to do good business. BUT if it does over 30 along with audiences liking it - that's really good. If it just makes 30 first weekend that's great as well. As long as it doesn't make less than that it's on track. I think box office sites are mistakenly comparing it to other animated films and Muppets. Since these are the films it should be compared to:

Polar Express - 23 million -> 182 million
Elf 31 million --> 173 million
The Santa Claus 19 million --> 144 million
Santa Claus 2 29 million --> 139 million
A Christmas Carol 30 million --> 137 million
Four Christmases 31 million --> 120 million

Those are the highest grossing Christmas movies of all time.

The only one, not included, is the Grinch which was the only one that was phenomenal with 50 mil and made nearly 300 mil.

With good reviews and the audience enjoying it, as well as it being the only Christmas movie it should get somewhere between 120 - 144 mil. Or maybe 120 - 130 mil depending on the effect The Hobbit has.

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