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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Originally Posted by UltimateWebhead View Post
There's no proof that the other cars were occupied. You can assume that they were just as much as I can say that they weren't. It clearly showed people getting out of their cars and running down the bridge away from the Lizard. No one was screaming for help other than the man with his kid trapped. With the police now on scene there's no reason for Spidey to stick around. The scene did a good job of getting the point across about Peter learning he needs to use his powers to help people, just as Ben told him.
There is at least proof that one other vehicle was occupied with Dr. Ratha in there who was knocked out, so one could say other vehicles had people still in them as well. That's all my point is.

It's difficult to compare the whole 'strength' thing between the two versions because of only the one film from Webb. I don't think they're downplaying it either as you say but they've definitely shown how fast he can be. After this one movie, Webb's Spidey appears to be much faster than Raimi's but he's got a lot to do to show that he can be stronger than Raimi's...stopping a brakeless train...yeah, that's gonna be difficult.
I think it's fair to match up the strength levels already as Raimi's first film, he held unto a cable car while also webbed unto the bottom of the bridge, while in Webb's film, nothing really showed off any immense strength but rather showed off Spidey's quickness and agility. I believe it was even rumored once that Webb was always going to have a faster Spider-Man, but not be as strong as Raimi's version and we sorta see the difference already with Raimi's version being much stronger while Webb's version is much more faster.

Unless of course they assume that Spidey is the one that threw the cars off the bridge and is now attacking the people inside and not trying to save them. Spider-man has a bad reputation with the police so it's easy to say they'd think he was doing something to cause harm. Police are human and bound to make mistakes. Just like that cop that opened fire on Spidey and could have hit the car thief or the one that shot Spidey in the leg after Stacy told them to not shoot. There's a lot of commotion and confusion on the bridge so I could see some people on the bridge yelling to the police that Spider-man was trying to hurt someone and they would open fire.
I think the assumption is clear that the police thought Spidey was somehow or at least partially responsible to have a warrant for his arrest the very next day, but still, I don't see how they'd open fire if Spidey was helping civilians. We'll never know though since that scene wasn't expanded on.

Originally Posted by SpiderMarvelite View Post
Try use a little thing called: Imagination.

It gets boring if we see what happened, the scene would have been to long and would have taken us out of 'Spider-Man".

You could guess that they climbed out of the cars, or the rescue team came and saved them they didn't fall and die.

If they did die, it would have said it on the news Peter was watching.
Oh, don't worry. My use of imagination makes TAS-M a whole lot better than what it actually was

But in all seriousness, it definitely does come to imagination, such as I could indeed imagine that there were other people inside their vehicles dangling off the bridge that Spidey didn't bother to rescue, ala Dr. Ratha.

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