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Default Re: Assassin´s Creed III - Part 2

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
Just beat the game.


How many large scale battles were there? I seem to recall the devs making a big deal about fighting in/through full scale battles, but I only ever encountered one near the beginning of Connors story (not including the small battles where you tell the cannons to fire). Was there really only one, or did I some how miss others?

I'm also kinda miffed that we didn't see more with Washington. I expected He and Connor to make amends. Connors allegiance with Washington, Adams and co just dropped off out of nowhere. Also, was there a scene where Achilles dies? There was a scene where he's sick, but then it was never mentioned again. Do we get his old outfit?

I've played nearly everything there is to do in this game, and yet I feel like I've missed a bunch of stuff. Anyone else feel this way?
Continue to play after the credits there is a little more.

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