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Default Re: Assassin´s Creed III - Part 2

Originally Posted by StrainedEyes View Post
Just finished the story, waiting for the post-credits sequence now (these credits are grossly long).

I also, for whatever reason, was not as compelled to do side stuff in III like I was in the past games. I don't know if it was how it was presented or the lack of feeling some kind of progression from them, but I left a lot of it untouched.

All in all a fine AC game, but didn't top ACII and Brotherhood for me.
I'm waiting for the post credits scene, too lol.

I actually had the opposite feeling in terms of side stuff. With the other games, I really only cared about the story itself. But with this one, I enjoyed Connor so much that I tried to do everything. That's not to say I didn't enjoy Ezio, but where as Ezio was the James Bond of Assassins Creed, Connor was the Martin Riggs (for lack of a better analogy) - just a really fun, aggressive fighter with a big chip on his shoulder.

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