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Default Re: Will They/Should They Bring Back Boba Fett?

Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
People make Boba out to be an insignificant character undeserving of all his popularity, but even putting aside the EU, he's the guy who helped the Empire track the Falcon to Bespin when Han thought he gave everybody the slip with his "floating away with the garbage" trick. He had little screen time but the events of the movies would not have played out the way they did without him.
exactly, the Fett's are just that intertwined with the Skywalkers (Anakin/Clones, Luke/Boba via Han). And with him in the new trilogy, it wouldn't really be forced or a "fan service", there's a lot of acceptable storylines they can go with, and I don't see how that can even be a bad thing.

I'd even go as far as say I wouldn't even mind seeing a small clan of Mandalorians appear. They're just as big of a staple to the SW universe as the Jedi/Sith are.

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