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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Yeah, I really don't know how to place it. If it's a very powerful being possessing her, why would it need to do that? Especially if it's for a prolonged time. And how can Jane be rid of the malevolent spirit?

I suspect we may not have enough information to figure out this part.
Totally agree, I just have a strong feeling it could be Hela because it ties nicely with the Dark Elves, and Surtur because they live in the lower realms, or dimensions that are thought of as existing below. It would make Hela/Hel part of science as well. She exists in the negative spaces. We're talking dark matter, anti-matter.

Almost like Asgard and Valhalla exist in the higher dimensions outlined by string theory. And Hel, and a lot of aspects of the lower realms dwell in the other, lower, and inner sides of the universe. Or an in-between dimension on the micro side of things in the case of the Negative Zone. Check out the negative zone, if you have the time, I think it'll be a part of Ant Man's character eventually. This wouldn't start time travel directly with this movie, but if Jane has AIM's time-line viewer that keeps being messed with by Hela it could lead to bigger things while opening us up more to the other physical dimensions. Remember how something seemed to phase into existence in the Captain America movie when Red Skull was powering up the cube, and whatever it was made sounds for a second or two? Would that have been the Chitari in the 40's?

But yeah Hela wouldn't need to do that unless there's an end-game.
So in my theory she can only work one being at a time by possessing them from the inside; if all matter is connected deep down. She can skip over to other people temporarily and return to anyone once she starts gathering souls/life energy and feeding her and Surtur. Some sort of force is stopping them from raising the other dimensions through Midguard and into the higher realms to aid in Malekith's attack. Midgard's in the middle of it all and Malekith is the key to Hela and Surtur resurfacing. Malekith is doing the dirty work trying to stop the force that's trapped Surtur and Hela in the negative side of the lower realms for all eternity. For lack of a better word they end up "breaking" the timeline, affecting the space-time continuum, and angering Immortus/the Other who need this timeline a certain way. They can't do too much manipulation with this timeline/universe because they've already been all over the past and future before these events. Immortus confronts Ant Man and steals the Ultron prototype in the 80's, it was Shields's mistake and Pym was never heard from again. If it weren't for Immortus Ant Man would exist already... this is something Immortus intends to bury, to stomp out. The fact that hank's Pym paticles can be enhanced by hitching a ride along with neutrinos and traveling to other times and dimensions like the negative Zone helps him escape Immortus and imprison parts of Ultron and the Kang doubles. Pym from the 80's shows up in Avengers 2, we know something is up with his movie after this point and the Masters of Evil being assembled from across time. An attack from time instead of space.

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