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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Batman Begins is more accurate.

I wouldn't say he nailed Bruce Waynes character. Val looked more like Bruce than Keaton or Clooney no doubt, and he had more to do as Wayne than Keaton in Batman Returns. But he didn't nail the playboy billionaire "persona". He also didn't have that darkness that Bale and Keaton had. So i disagree.

Haha, ya i hear ya.
With Begins, it's more accurate to the contemporary version of the character but even the, really lacked the Gothic aspects of the character and of Gotham City though I think that's because Begins was going for more of the feel of Batman Year One.

With Kilmer, while he didn't have as blatant a billionaire persona, he was pretty much on par with Keaton on that role. Also, he also had Darkness to him, but it was more restrained and reserved because of the events of Burton's movies. Kilmer's Bruce had matured from the previous movies, hence why he doesn't kill anymore along with him trying to distance himself from women as Batman.

With Batman, neither are close to the comics in terms of faithfulness compared to other comic properties.

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