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Cool Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore View Post
The Batman of 39 was definitely not some sort of depressed guy suffering from Asperger's syndrome.
The character and the themes behind the duality had been explored so much between 39 and 89, so of course they aren't the same. And if that glib Asperger's comment was actually an accurate representation of Keaton's Wayne, he certainly wouldn't have a thrown a huge party at his house to "save the festival." And he certainly wouldn't be seen walking about town to honour the place where his parents died. He probably wouldn't be having sexual relations with Vicki Vale either.

I think what we saw (mostly in the 89 film) with Keaton's Batman was that he was questioning within himself as to why he was Batman. The pain over the loss of his parents was still very evident in Keaton's portrayal, and I think it showed... he tried to deny it, and couldn't... and so, he needed to keep "being Batman." They explored this theme a bit more in Batman Returns of course and he seemed more "at peace" with who he was and what he was doing as Batman.


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