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Default Re: Will They/Should They Bring Back Boba Fett?

Lucas even admitted not knowing how popular he was when he was done with 'Return of the Jedi'. It's an ignorant comment, because even 'ET' featured Fett's figure so he did have sort of impact, but I digress. My point was that Lucas and the crew just saw him a narrative device so they Han/Leia can get trapped. So they didn't think too much of Boba at the time because honestly.. it could've been any of those other bounty hunters (considering their mindframe back then.)

But the initial reaction to Boba was 'Wow he's cool looking'. I think that was the appeal and it was simple: He was mysterious and looked cool. Completely superfluous, I'm sure. And the fandom grew from there.

And the other thing is that adult Boba works better with the helmet on the entire time. I don't want to see his face despite the prequels or his clone backstory. Think of him as Judge Dredd. And I'm sure even in the post-Episode II Star Wars comics never revealed his face. And I'm with what 'Mr. Peasant' said: Boba works better as an individual. When you bring in other Mandalorians, then it makes Boba less appealing. That can be debatable however, but I'm leaning towards Peasant's stance.

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