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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
not only takes it away from what IM makes special if everyone and their uncle suddenly shows up in armor and it was worse enough how they handled WM in IM2, but I can only imagine how many idiots will ask the question "where was Rescue?" after Avengers 2.
War Machine makes story sense; Rescue doesn't.

Tony Stark trying to keep the government from militarizing his armor has been a recurring theme in Iron Man's career, and War Machine is an important cog in that; making the wearer also be his closest friend adds the sting of betrayal to it as well. (Looks like that theme continues in IM3, with WM getting Captain America-ed up with Iron Patriot armor.)

But building a suit of armor to protect his girlfriend/wife makes no story sense. What's she supposed to do, go with him on missions/adventures? *That's* what would put her life in extreme danger, with or without a suit. Or would you rather have her sit around the house in armor all day and all night, just in case the Living Laser or Titanium Man drop by for an unannounced visit....?

If Tony *really* wants to protect Pepper, he'd distance himself from her completely to take her out of harm's way. And I think that might be exactly his mindset in this movie, when he talks about protecting the one thing he can't live without.


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