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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I think the variation in technology and looks has to do with making Nornheim look varied, as apparently it is in the comics. Karnilla is a sorceress, magic to her may look like advanced science to someone else.
Doesn't explain how or why she'd gather humans from the past and future (and possibly present) of Earth --- or other planets -- for such an army.

if this is a rag tag band of marauders gathered from over time and space, come to reap destruction on Asgard and the 9 reams, that seems like a pretty big villain for the Asgardian's to deal with. So certainly not a small part if that is true. So how does that fit in with everything else we think is going to happen? It doesn't.
*koff* Thanos *koff*
Fits in perfectly.
Also provides story links and continuity with *at least* two other Phase II films --- GOTG and Avengers 2.


how is a rag tag band of marauders gathered over time and space even remotely considered a "kingdom"? as described in the Shepperton Studios information released about that filming, it said it would be a battle between "two kingdoms" when Thor shows up to save the day.
"Two kingdoms" don't have to be from the same planet. Or dimension. Odin's kingdom vs. Thanos' kingdom.

There was also a note in one article Marvel Freshman did about a leader of the "marauder army" apparently requiring a ginger beard. The scenario that makes the most sense for that little tid bit is that the "marauder army" is Vanir. Otherwise, why would a random group of marauders need a leader with a "ginger beard".
*A* leader of the marauder army; not "the" leader. Maybe they just need a medieval Highlander or ancient Celt or something, I dunno. And since when are the Vanir "gingers," anyway? Freyr and Freya have always been shown as Nordic blondes in the comics. If you're going to insist on "ginger" being a sticking point, that does as much damage to your theory as it does to mine.

If this is a rag tag band of marauders gathered over time and space, where do they keep all their horses? On their spaceship? Because they certainly wouldnt do well on a spaceship with no exercise, poor diet, and no fresh air and sunshine, with a bunch of nasty guys taking care of them.
Why would you need a spaceship to time travel...? If time travel is involved, as rumors suggest, it likely involves portals and wormholes, like virtually every other time travel movie ever made. The Marauders warp in from battlefields all across the timestream and cosmos.

And what of the guy on the white horse? Again, that's up there with a big red bus with "Moral Sacrifice" on it. A man on a white horse typically means a "good guy", and this guy is on what is a really beautiful *gleaming* white horse, to boot. but he seems to be with the team that is attacking the Asgardians (although it is hard to tell for sure who is fighting who here, I admit, I think all 3 groups are fighting at once, to be honest). And Freyr's description with the horse and the sword fits very well with the guy pictured.
You're reading too much into the white horse. Plenty of bad guys ride white horses. (And wear white hats, too.) But for the record, I personally believe the guy on the white horse is Tyr in armor. And I'm not sure which side he fights on in this movie --- maybe both. He's played both sides in the comic books.

How is gathering a crew of guys over time and space to marauder all over the place exploring the Nine Realms as we've been told will happen? It takes away from that, severely. There is no reason to add a group like that, there is enough to explore and enough going on without some random group of marauders that in the end mean nothing to the rest of the story.
What's "random" about Thanos? Thanos' involvement with Asgard may be very limited from canonical comics, but the MCU has *intimately* linked the Mad Titan to Loki, which is unprecedented. Everything that is an icon to Thanos -- the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gauntlet -- are on Asgard, and the MCU has made a point of that. Thanos promised to come gunning for Loki if he failed the Chitauri invasion, and there's no way in hell that Marvel Studios is going to just sweep that under the rug as an idle threat.

Thanos *will* make good on his cinematic promise.


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