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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Feige confirmed back in May that Thanos WILL NOT be in Thor 2.

In a recent interview, Kevin Feige confirmed that the death-obsessed Eternal would not be making an appearance in Thor 2;
And as pretty much everyone on the planet knows by now, Loki was whisked away to Asgard at the end of The Avengers with a very anxious Thanos left floating around on his space throne. But will we see the supervillain again so soon?

“No, future, future. But there will be a major new villain. A major, major new antagonist…”
As an aside, I just noticed this. he says a "major new villain" - Malekith

and "a major major new antagonist..."

Hm... that would seem to be pointing to two different things. Antagonist is typically a description used of a character that isn't necessarily a villain per se, but an adversary of the protagonist of a story who struggles against and/or competes with them. IE: Asgardians VS Vanir in the myths. Not so much evil villains, but more grey multi layered antagonists.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Doesn't explain how or why she'd gather humans from the past and future (and possibly present) of Earth --- or other planets -- for such an army.
Why would you need a spaceship to time travel...? If time travel is involved, as rumors suggest, it likely involves portals and wormholes, like virtually every other time travel movie ever made. The Marauders warp in from battlefields all across the timestream and cosmos.
So you expect me to believe that these guys were just sucked in from whatever the heck they were doing through wormholes, then dropped off all together on Asgard, and they just right off the bat decide to band together and attack the Asgardians and get Loki for Thanos? Riiiiiiiiighht. That is completely off the wall implausible, for one thing they aren't even going to speak the same language, and that's for beginners.

and speaking of the timetravel thing, I mean, that would open a HUGE can of worms to open in the MCU. They have enough to deal with and keep straight. I cannot imagine that rumor is going to end up being true. That will make everything SO MUCH more complicated and confusing, and it already is complicated and has potential to become very confusing with all the different characters and powers and such.

*koff* Thanos *koff*
Fits in perfectly.
Also provides story links and continuity with *at least* two other Phase II films --- GOTG and Avengers 2.
see what I said above. Thanos will NOT be in this movie. This movie will be about THOR's world not GOTG and Avengers worlds.

What's "random" about Thanos? Thanos' involvement with Asgard may be very limited from canonical comics, but the MCU has *intimately* linked the Mad Titan to Loki, which is unprecedented. Everything that is an icon to Thanos -- the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gauntlet -- are on Asgard, and the MCU has made a point of that.
The "marauders" are random and Thanos is an Avengers villain, much less of a Thor villain. This movie is about Thor's world, not the Avengers world, as Feige and others keep telling us. And again Feige has confirmed Thanos will NOT be in Thor 2. (see above quotes again)

"Two kingdoms" don't have to be from the same planet. Or dimension. Odin's kingdom vs. Thanos' kingdom.
a random group of marauders who Thanos gathered from all over the space and time from different wormholes and dropped off to fight the Asgardians does not make a kingdom. It makes a mess, and a completely unnecessary one at that. Not when they have the whole 9 realms to play with.

*A* leader of the marauder army; not "the" leader. Maybe they just need a medieval Highlander or ancient Celt or something, I dunno. And since when are the Vanir "gingers," anyway? Freyr and Freya have always been shown as Nordic blondes in the comics. If you're going to insist on "ginger" being a sticking point, that does as much damage to your theory as it does to mine.
actually the original quote from the article on CBM said "the" leader. Although that guy mentioned in the article is likely a minor leader not the leader. I dont think that guy and the Freyr character will be the same actually, since he's supposed to be the most beautiful of the Vanir according to myth. Also, in regards to hair color, according to myth Thor was originally a redhead (so was Loki for that matter) it was the Comics and MCU that made him a blonde. So ginger for the Vanir because again, to make a distinction between them and the Asgardians, and to keep with the Nordic roots of the myths.

You're reading too much into the white horse. Plenty of bad guys ride white horses. (And wear white hats, too.) But for the record, I personally believe the guy on the white horse is Tyr in armor. And I'm not sure which side he fights on in this movie --- maybe both. He's played both sides in the comic books.
well I cant think of one but I'll take your word for it. As I said it is the *typical* symbol of a "good guy" not necessarily always adhered to.

And I'm assuming when we do see Tyr he will already be missing a hand, since he iconically is missing a hand. which is I suspect why they picked him because he'd be interesting and stand out for that reason. (and no I am not thinking they will show the story why either, it'll just be there). In any case, this guy is not missing either hand.

Thanos promised to come gunning for Loki if he failed the Chitauri invasion, and there's no way in hell that Marvel Studios is going to just sweep that under the rug as an idle threat.

Thanos *will* make good on his cinematic promise.
I'm not saying he won't but not in THIS movie. This movie is about THOR's world! Not the Avengers world! Plus they need something for Loki to be involved with in Avengers 2, if they have him in that one at all. (and with his popularity, I'll be a little surprised if he isnt in A2 in at least a small part, probably getting tortured by Thanos)

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