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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Originally Posted by AF3619 View Post
so, if he stayed what would´ve happened? they arrive find spiderman (a wanted man)in a the bridge and cars hanging from it, who would they arrest? and if they ask anything the first thing would´ve done is try to arrest spidey so he would´ve left
So...Spidey isn't fast enough to save any other civilians before the police actually reached the bridge?

I just find that we could've seen more. Heck, we could've even saw Spidey save Dr. Ratha.

Originally Posted by Spiderdevil View Post
They didnt show him saving other people because the focus of the moment was his saving a kid and then seeing the father-son and remembering the father he never had.Webb wanted to focus on the orphan aspect on Peter Parker,showing anything other than that would have ruined the moment

These things happen all the time,like how they didnt show Batman go back up to deal with Joker and his thugs after he saved Rachel from falling in TDK
I mean that was more dangerous,the cars would probably just hang there and the police will get them out anyway but the Joker can kill people

I am not nitpicking on TDK,just showing how not everything needs to be shown
Lol, you forget the difference in that Joker only wanted to kill Harvey Dent, thus he had no reason to kill anyone else, while we aren't given a real reason, except for assumptions from fans, on why Spidey only saved the kid when we at least saw Dr. Ratha in his vehicle.

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