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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
Personally I hate the idea of sentient armor in this movie. I would greatly prefer that they leave the sentient Armor / Robot idea for Ultron to make him more unique, as well as that they give the credit for the technology to the proper character (PYM).

I think what I would rather see is that Tony has the extremis virus and is still trying to adjust to this new technology which connects his thoughts to his armor. So, I feel like during sleep he would still continue to control the suit, on a subconscious level.

Also, to me I feel like the part where the suit is crouched over Tony and the part where the suit is crouched over Pepper in the bed could very well be part of the same scene, except that the part where the suit is crouched over Tony he is actually in this subconscious nightmare (where perhaps he does believe the armor has a life of it's own), meanwhile in the conscious world Pepper sees Tony is having a nightmare and tries to wake him as the Armor is more or less performing the thoughts that Tony is having in the nightmare, except not quite perfectly. We already know Tony at first has trouble adjusting to the virus and using the extremis armor, as was previously shown in the picture of the hall of armors with the broken glass and helmet knocked off, so to me this scenario makes the most sense.

Just my thoughts of course though.

I'm with ya here. However, it certainly seems like a way to itroduce ultron. idk, I mean, with all this speculation, some of roger wardells tweets about Ultron leading the masters of evil starts to make sense :P

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