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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
LOL.... dont be so sure about that! We wont know until next Nov. unfortunately. I just hope I'm not still debating about this. I think we should just agree to disagree cherokeesam. And again, if anyone wants to come up with their own summary and figure out how their ideas work smoothly and seamlessly into a 2 hour film, then have at it. But I truly believe I have a large chunk of it right.
Yeah. I mean, unless I am reading yours wrong, if you think in this next comment, is what happens, then I am on board.

Exactly. If anything he might have a little cameo at the end or someone like the other comes in and grabs Loki, that they decided to do after Feige made that statement to tie in with A2. And he's most certainly going to be mentioned. but he's not going to have so large an impact on the movie as to be sending large armies of random marauders to attack Asgard and get Loki. This movie is going to be about Thor's world clearly, that's been indicated over and over again by more than once source!
Yea. Clearly. Just because Thanos is THE big bad for this phase, he should be expected to atleast be refferenced, cause Sam does have a point. He threatened Loki. Thanos is not one to just let that go.

here is something I was thinking about, what Surtur is saved for Thor 3, but the majority of Thor 2 is just hinted at, maybe a cameo, maybe just pulling some strings to get things going behind the scenes as that "shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself." But otherwise the majority of the fighting takes place between Malekith The Dark Elves, and this rival "tribe" the Vanir being dealt with by the Asgardians. That way it isnt until Thor 3 that the Vanir and Asgardians (and Nornheim) work out their differences and fight against Surtur. That would leave a lot more room for character development and other story stuff and a cliff hanger for Thor 3 with what this fire demon guy is up to. I recall it being discussed somewhere that the original synopsis for Thor was not as exactly clear when you see what really happened, so what is said in this synopsis might not necessarily mean that shadowy enemy will make himself completely known to Thor and co during the course of the film.
See, this is what I think will happen. I think that due to the bifrost being destroyed, that the realms will be in chaos, and the majority of the fighting will be as you said. Between the Elves, vanir, and Nornheim. I think Hela will have a role. Malekith seeks to take advantage of this, and Odin's weaker state. He is trying to present himself as a dominant force in the 9 realms. One the armies from another realm will be fighting him. Algrim I think will be killed by Thor early on. Where he gets transformed into Kurse by Surtur, and brought back to life by Hela. I don't have the time to think of all these middle details, but ultimately it will end with thor fighting malekith. Kurse takes on thor, defeats thor, or thor holds his own. malekith does his thing, somehow, kurse remembers, attacks malekith. Thor and Kurse see the deal, and don't fight. Meanwhile, Surtur has been in the backround, and will appear after credits. I am leaning more towards that niw.

So my very brief summary is that with the bifrost destroyed, chaos is through out the 9 realms. Some of which are at war. Malekith is contacted somehow by surtur, given power (maybe, yet, could explain why he is able to fight Thor, cause Thor should be tearing malekith appart) maybe. Malekith wants to take advantage of this chaos, and his new knowledge and power, and assert himself as the dominant being of the 9 realms. He gets at war this some other realms, thor travels to a darker side of asgard to get Loki's help, who in turn goes to hela. they must fight to stop malekith from completing his plan and plunging the 9 realms into darkness. Meanwhile, Surtur has created a diversion where he can work on twilight in peace, where he plans to destroy the 9 realms, and kill Odin.

He is revealed welding Twilight after credits.

That's where I am at. Very brief. I do prefer Surtur to appear after credits as well, I think that's the best route, like you said. Literally the only thing that is keeping me from it, is that in the synopsis it sounds like said villain (again, hard to believe its anyone but surtur at this point) will have a role in the movie. But again, the synopsis can be decieving, so I understand that. But I think he will have a very strong presence in the movie, and the plot for the 3rd film may even be strongly hinted at, I also expect to hear him referred to by name in this movie. Again, I know synopsis can be hard to make out, but even this soundds like it will be slightly more than a mere presence to lead into a 3rd movie. I think he will be doing his own thing the entire movie, like you said. However I think he will probably be refered to by malekith, possibly even by name. Like I said, if he is the one to turn Algrim into Kurse, we may get a refference of him, or even see it happen.

Who knows

know, i thought I was "unpacking" it, believe it or not.

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