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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - Part 9

Eh, all that stuff will come down to the casting. Brad Bird and Emily Blunt will work it out at the appropriate time.

The good news is that WW is a broad enough character (similar to Supes) that the director/writers/actors will have plenty of space to put their own mark on her. But she's never gonna be as complex as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. Shes too perfect. Even Thor is more complex.

This is why anything but an A-list, bona fide movie star in the lead role probably wont cut it. WB needs someone who captivates the audience the moment Diana appears on-screen and who can pull off WW's (at times) high falutin dailogue. They probably need someone with the impact of RDJ or Chris Reeve, but I dont think WB would take a chance on a recovering addict or an unknown so im guessing a known quantity like Blunt.

Im still highly skeptical of this movie getting made anytime soon of course. And even if it gets done in the next couple years, its just as likely that WB will hedge its bets with a modest budget (less than 150 mil) and B-list talent.

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