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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Its weird cause I loved the Dark Knight Rises but I'd change the film very drastically if I could. As I've stated in previous threads I would've got rid of the 8 year gap. Infact I'd have started it straight from the end of the Dark Knight and I've have had the Riddler work out that Batman didn't kill anyone. As much as I loved John Blake I wouldn't have had him in it at all but I'd have had JGL as the Riddler. I'd have had Batman struggle to save the day due to the Police constantly been on his tail, also I'd have had the Catwoman be in it pretty much as she was but without the wanting to start a new life stuff and have Batman defeat the Riddler at the end who would've been using his riddles to evade the Bat & the Police. He'd also team with Catwoman at one point but in the end would've shopped her off to Jail. The ending of the film would've been Batman standing over the city looking an as the trilogy comes to a close.

Also Matthew Modine would not have been anywhere near this film, his performance was horrible and I could careless for his character and Tom Hardy would have been Harvey Bullock the Cop trying to bring the Batman down.

But thats more a fan fic, if I had to just make minor changes, Bane's voice would be different (I couldn't stand it), the 8 year gap would be gone, there'd have been more focus on the Police bringing down the Batman and I'd have gotten rid of the Talia twist. Again I'd have had the 3rd film end the first year of Batman's career.
I'm a bit iffy on the Riddler stuff, but everything else you said sounds great. Especially about getting rid of the 8 year gap, Foley, and the Talia "twist".

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
But if you changed that, would The Riddler see faces and feel it in his bones and stuff?....

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