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Default Re: Be Thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving BOUGHT/THOUGHT! 11/21/12

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
I've not read Aaron's Wolverine run. I just know he killed them, so the circumstances surounding it matters little in my mind. They're still similar.

And again, my biggest gripe with it is that Remender did no build up to this with Daken. He just shows up with this plan and ultimately dies for it. I wish he'd have led into it somehow to set the stage for this plan. Sabretooth's involvement feels even more out of left field.
Remender said in interviews that for Final Solution, he was using a lot of stuff Aaron had used in his stories. I understand that most readers aren't up on every interview posted across the internet but I'll give him a pass.

Originally Posted by braincrusher
I can go number one if I have the hole in the front. I can go number 2 if the hole is to the rear. I have been wearing them with the hole to the rear. Is this correct?
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