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Default What is your opinion on the overall quality of the fight scenes in TDK and TDKR?

I've gotta say, as much as I criticized Nolan for the quick cut style he used in Batman Begins, in retrospect that might've been the most credible way to use Batman fighting multiple people

- Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of great fights in the trilogy such as Bane vs. Batman 1 and My favorite, the INCREDIBLE Batman vs. Swat in TDK. But as a whole a lot of the fights don't look that believable.

- Whenever Batman is facing more than one person, ESPECIALLY WITH GUNS, they just seem to stand around and wait for him to hit them. This was especially evident in the Hong Kong and Penthouse fight scenes in TDK, but you can still catch these same mistakes in TDKR, albeit to a less egregious degree. For instance, in both the rooftop scene and the scene where Batman is rescuing Blake, I feel like Bruce should've been shot multiple times. Maybe I've been spoiled by the Bourne movies, but apart from a few choice instances I haven't LOVED the choreography.

Note: I would've put this in the Fighting thread but I couldn't find it

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