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Default Re: Batman reboot: Should it be based on realism, dark imagination, or silliness

It depends what you mean by lighthearted. Grant Morrison's Batman run is lighthearted, zany and entirely wacky.

But the main villain was a man who was evil for the sake of being evil. His entire cause was the perversion and corruption of virtue. He intended to disfigure Bruce, mentally and physically, to live as a slave of the Black Glove, after drugging him for five days, fracturing Bruce's psyche and torturing Alfred. leave Dick a vegetable, entombed in his own body, tortured by the memories of his formerly spectacular life. Damian would be corrupted after his valiant efforts at redemption. While the Wayne's would be remembered as drug addled swingers and Thomas was a wife beater and Martha cheated with Alfred. Joker dug up a corpse and danced with it, and disfigured his own face. And Pyg, don't get started with Pyg.

Having a light hearted Bat-Family and tone just makes the villains all the more horrifying.

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