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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
I'm not too into Daredevil comics (although another film would be cool) so I'm just curious but what about Purple Man? He could use his powers to control someone such as Gladiator so there is a physical threat but Purple Man would be the main, fleshed out villain, perhaps using his powers to try gain a position of power within the city.
The problem with Purple Man is, he is a bit lazy and with his powers he doesn't need to gain a position of power in the city, he doesn't even need money, he just go into any store and ask people for whatever he wants. Purple Man's more ambitious schemes have been at the behest of super villains who are able to counter Purple Man's power and force him to do their bidding. Purple Man only messes with heroes now because he is bored and because he hates them for sending him to jail in the past. I'm not sure how you would write a movie with him as the main villain and how can you hint about the Kingpin in that movie?

Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
Or, perhaps unlikely but seeing as Daredevil is back with Marvel could they not (have Kingpin working from the background as suggested) use someone elses villain, maybe someone like Taskmaster? Someone who might not get featured in the other more 'super power based films' but would be cool to see on screen nonetheless... He seems like he'd be a good fit for the more gritty/street level film Daredevil would likely be.
The problem with Taskmaster is, he just a hired gun and DD already has several hired guns in his rogues gallery. That's the problem, DD has more hired guns that want to work for someone else then masterminds who can be the Big Bad of the film.

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