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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
What didn't work for me:

Theme: I thought the religious motifs, the Superman as Messiah stuff was a bit too on the nose.

Tone: The film was too somber, the color palette too dark or grim. Superman should be bright, uplifting, soaring.

Direction/Casting: I think these two things are combined. While I don't think Routh was a horrible choice, I think he was given bad direction by Singer. And while I do think that Bosworth was a poor choice, it was Singer who picked her. Also Singer's idea to tie the films to the Reeve films instead of just updating Superman completely for a 21st century audience were misguided. He got swept up too much into his own nostalgia and assumed that the mass audience would be to. Perhaps they would have if we were watching the same actors in the Reeves films, but it made little sense to cast new actors for old roles. It was unfair to the new actors.

Action: Or rather lack thereof. There wasn't enough action or moments for Superman to truly be super. The film didn't take advantage of all the cool special FX and CGI available to them that the Reeves films didn't have. The plane rescue was the most thrilling moment in the entire film and that was near the beginning. The only other superfeat was lifting the island laced with kryptonite which should've been impossible for Superman to do. It stretched credulity even for a Superman film.

Antagonists: I thought Spacey as Luthor was inspired but the direction left a lot to be desired. That being said, I wish that either Lex hadn't been in the film or that Singer had recognized that Superman has a lot of villains and threw one or more of them in the film along with the Luthor. Seeing Superman get beat down by Kal Penn and some no name dudes was sad.

Plot: It was lame and made no sense. Who would want to live on a barren island laced with Kryptonite? And we never saw how Lex would stop other people from taking the island. If he had Kryptonian weapons why didn't he use them on Superman?

Jason: I didn't care for Superman having a son. It was a misfire way for Singer to try to make Superman relevant but it came across like Kal-El being a deadbeat dad. Him stalking Lois didn't help either.
Quoted for truth. My problems with it, too. Nailed it.

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