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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Again, I think the problem with Death-Stalker is he requires a lot of set up and he is not a huge fan favorite like Venom, so people will not care about the set up like they do with Venom. Plus having a ray gun that sends people to another dimension in a DD film seems bit too outlandish and sci fi.
He doesn't really need the ray gun though. His main schtick was his "touch of death" which made his victims feel intense cold, which can always be explained another way. But that said, his "ray gun" could easily be similar to the cosmic cube or the guns that Hydra were using in Captain America. They've already got all of that side set up with Marvel. Since DD occupies the same universe, they can always draw from that.

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