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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Well Whiplash in Iron Man II wasn't exactly a fan favourite either, but they went with him. Marvel could make him a compelling villain. He has also fought Ghost Rider and DD at the same time, so if Marvel acquired Ghost Rider, he could be a potential opponent. And he's also fought the Avengers as well, so that fits in with their already established universe. And he also acquired his gloves from AIM, who have already been set up.

Also, the new Death Stalker encountered Cross Bones and was part of Villains for Hire (the villainous counterpart to Heroes For Hire).

So I think Death Stalker does fit in pretty well with the established MCU.
Whiplash didn't require the same amount of set up that Death-Stalker does, with Death-Stalker, you have introduce him as a rich guy with a ray gun that send people to another dimension that he uses to commit crimes because he is bored and then gets into a fight with DD, where the ray gun malfunctions and he becomes out of phase with our dimension. Then he is Death-Stalker. That is a lot of set up. Plus Whiplash was hardly the greatest villain to appear in a comic book movie.

As for the second Death-Stalker in Villains for Hire, we don't really know anything about her, so there isn't much to work with in a film. Just because Death-Stalker works well in the MCU, doesn't mean he would work well in a DD movie. What exactly would Death-Stalker do in a DD movie and would he connect with the over arching plot in regards to the Kingpin as a growing threat in the back ground?

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