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Default Re: What is your opinion on the overall quality of the fight scenes in TDK and TDKR?

Anno, there was a fair amount complaining about the fight style in numerous reviews about how the fight scenes were filmed.

Thatís where Nolanís movie really hits a roadblock, because the action never goes much further. Subsequent fights are shot with extreme close-ups and in overbearing shadow. We donít get many good looks at Batman in motion, and anything approaching a wide shot is obscured in heavy clouds of steam. The filmís climax features a powerful hand to hand battle between Batman and Raís Al Ghul, but with Nolanís camera three inches away from the Dark Knightís cowl Iíd be hard pressed to tell you who is punching who

The fight scenes in Batman Begins are numerous and freneticóexciting stuff but shot too close, edited to the point of abstraction, conveying danger and confusion, but denying the audience the chance to revel in Batman's skill. One doesn't know who's kicking, who's winning. All that's clear is that a fight is on and it must be intense because it's cut every eight frames.

I don't know if Nolan did a complete 180 in the sequels because of this or not, but the fact is he did drop that style.

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