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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Raindog421 View Post
Yes,lighting signal requires turning on with back piece. Then pressing button on bottom of front piece to turn on,again. I was goofed the first time as well. Luckily,I looked on here first and there was a couple replies about it already.

Originally Posted by RayReptile View Post
Oh, that must be why I.... wait... WHAT?!?!?! Gotta go grab it and check now. LOL
Well, now I feel HORRIBLE about writing to Mattel and complaining it didn't work. It didn't say anything about a second button to turn it on. It works fine.... and looks amazing.

Just a heads up to everyone still looking for figures.... I work at Best Buy and today, we got a shipper of toys for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of The Dark Knight Rises. It only has a couple spot for Movie Masters figures, but on mine, there was 2 Batmans, 1 Bane, 1 John Blake, 1 Catwoman, and 1 Ra's Al Ghul! Keep your eyes out.

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